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  1. The pentacle is a symbol of the wiccan faith; The 5 Elements (one for each point), and the circle (the universe) contains and connects them all.


2. MEANING OF THE CELTIC CROSS: The Celtic Cross' construction features a traditional cross accentuated with a circle around the intersection of the arms and stem. Subject to many different interpretations, the Celtic Cross is said to be a representation of knowledge, strength and compassion to manage life’s ups and downs. The four arms of the Celtic cross are thought to be representative of the four directions of the compassions, the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, and as representation of our mind, soul, body and heart. 


The center ring of the Celtic Cross is said to be evocative of the Celtic symbol for infinite love. With no beginning and no end, more precisely, it is a symbolism of god’s endless love with many believing that it is also a depiction of the halo of Christ.


The Celtic cross is rich in powerful representation and an ideal reflection of the hopes and ambitions of the Celts. Because of this, Celtic Jewelry craftsmen of all generations are dedicated to ensuring each piece of Celtic cross jewelry is perfection in its creation. At Blarney Woollen Mills, we aim to provide our customers with this wonderful Celtic tradition but with a modern twist. The Celtic Cross features throughout of Celtic pendants and unique Irish gifts. 


3. The Vesica Piscis is an ancient sacred symbol of transformation and reminds us of the duality of existence and the quest for unity.One of the most profound sacred geometric images of ancient and modern times, the Vesica Pisces is composed of two spheres with the same radius, which intersect within each other’s circumference.


4. Evil Eye: What does the evil eye mean 🧿?The evil eye symbol (🧿) has been found through thousands of years of history across cultures, including in Latin America and parts of Asia. The symbol, most often depicted as four concentric circles in the shape of an eye, is used to ward off variations of evil intentions



Protective Return to Sender Evil Eye & Other Amulet (1pc)

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