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(Private) Virtual Sound Bath Treatment

Virtual Sound Bath Treatment is as Potent as Acupuncture

  • 1 hour
  • 100 US dollars
  • Virtual Meeting (ZOOM)

Service Description

Sound Therapy is not just an alternative treatment; it is a valid means of addressing a wide range of conditions. Many people have found that it helps them overcome stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and even addictions. It is also useful for those who are dealing with chronic illness or disease. On A Molecular Level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electromagnetic energies. Crystal generates and magnifies the transmission of tones. When the sound changes the brainwaves, you go into a meditative state, even an altered state of consciousness. This can cause the brain to release different hormones and neurochemicals too. Every cell in your body has a geometric crystalline structure. This is why our body resonates so deeply with the frequencies of quartz crystals. Different notes from the bowls have the ability to open, heal, balance and align your chakras. It is also believed that quartz crystals have the ability to balance your electromagnetic field during singing bowl meditation. There is a vibrational property to quartz which is known as piezoelectricity. And because it can also withstand high temperatures and conduct energy, quartz is used in timekeeping, broadcasting, computer engineering and of course sound healing. The piezoelectricity of quartz means it can vibrate at a precise frequency. With force or pressure applied to it, quartz can convert mechanical energy into electricity. It is these precise vibrations is how timekeeping and broadcasting devices work and how they were invented. Like quartz, our bodies possess piezoelectricity, which means our bodies can discharge electric pulses too. When singing bowls are played, the vibrations hit our bodies and create resonance. When the two energy frequencies encounter each other, the two vibrations enter a state of harmonic vibration. This discovery is what led healers to try the singing bowl for alternative medicine and to discover how well they heal. The vibration of a quartz crystal singing bowl looks like a sine wave. The quartz crystal singing bowl is the only musical instrument that can produce a sine wave. This makes them very unique as a healing too. This frequency and vibration produce a multi directional sound with can surround us and vibrate within us. This is also why singing bowl sounds can penetrate every dimension of our body and core, giving us a relaxation like we have gotten a great massage, PLUS allows our mind to relax like we’ve had a great session of meditation. 

Contact Details


Private Health Center & Spa, Private Parking. 1329 Howland Boulevard, Deltona, FL, USA

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