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Vibroacoustic Therapy/   
Sound Therapy

The science behind sound therapy looks at frequencies. Every living thing has its own unique frequency, from an organ in your body to your own thoughts and feelings. When something goes wrong it means that the frequency has become disrupted and sound therapy can rebalance those frequencies by using different tones (musical notes) to unblock and rebalance the body.

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 It’s a fact. And, it’s not new. Sound healing has been used for centuries to treat disease and emotional ailments across many cultures. The scientific community is beginning to explore more and more the potential of sound healing with exciting results.

The art and science of sound healing is ancient in origin, however one practitioner and great mathematician stands out from the rest. Pythagoras is credited with being the “Father of Mathematics”. He is also credited as being the “Father of Geometry” as well as the “Father of Music”. He discovered the musical intervals and taught that you could heal using sound and harmonic frequencies. He was the first person to prescribe music as medicine. He is considered the “Father of Harmonics”. He applied the principles of harmonics to everything from music, art and architecture to running governments, raising a family, friendship, and personal development.


Sound Therapy is not just an alternative treatment; it is a valid means of addressing a wide range of conditions. Many people have found that it helps them overcome stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and even addictions. It is also useful for those who are dealing with chronic illness or disease.

Sound has always played an important role in supporting the body, mind and spirit in well-being. Our ancestors knew that sound and vibration could be used to balance and heal the energy centers in our body and support us in optimal health. They didn’t need fancy equipment and science to prove it, the proof for them was in how they felt after sound therapy. 

As you already know, singing bowls began their journey in ancient times. It is believed that singing bowls were an integral part of Buddhism. Now, sound therapy has traveled across many religions and cultures throughout history. The discovery of using quartz instead of metal was by accident and came from the technology and computer industry. They were using crystal vessels to create quartz for silicon for computer microchips (and they still use this process today).

Then it was discovered that the discarded silicon crucibles could create beautiful sounds and frequencies. The sound was extremely resonant. The singing bowls that were made based on this design have a frosted white, sandpaper texture on the outside and a smooth texture on the inside. These bowls also tend to be thick, heavy and fairly sturdy, though of course, can be broken. The construction helps to give tones which are particularly loud in volume and compared to other bowls – the metal the clear quartz, frosted quartz singing bowls are louder and sing longer. This makes them a favorite for public events, such as festivals and large group sound baths. Our bodies have a similarity to quartz.

On A Molecular Level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electromagnetic energies. Crystal generates and magnifies the transmission of tones. When the sound changes the brainwaves, you go into a meditative state, even an altered state of consciousness. This can cause the brain to release different hormones and neurochemicals too. Every cell in your body has a geometric crystalline structure. This is why our body resonates so deeply with the frequencies of quartz crystals. Different notes from the bowls have the ability to open, heal, balance and align your chakras. It is also believed that quartz crystals have the ability to balance your electromagnetic field during singing bowl meditation.

There is a vibrational property to quartz which is known as piezoelectricity. And because it can also withstand high temperatures and conduct energy, quartz is used in timekeeping, broadcasting, computer engineering and of course sound healing. The piezoelectricity of quartz means it can vibrate at a precise frequency. With force or pressure applied to it, quartz can convert mechanical energy into electricity. 

It is these precise vibrations is how timekeeping and broadcasting devices work and how they were invented. Like quartz, our bodies possess piezoelectricity, which means our bodies can discharge electric pulses too. When singing bowls are played, the vibrations hit our bodies and create resonance. When the two energy frequencies encounter each other, the two vibrations enter a state of harmonic vibration. This discovery is what led healers to try the singing bowl for alternative medicine and to discover how well they heal.

The vibration of a quartz crystal singing bowl looks like a sine wave. The quartz crystal singing bowl is the only musical instrument that can produce a sine wave. This makes them very unique as a healing too. This frequency and vibration produce a multi directional sound with can surround us and vibrate within us. This happens because of the structure of quartz crystals and the circular shape of the bowl. This is also why singing bowl sounds can penetrate every dimension of our body and core, flowing through our bodies like a wave, giving us a relaxation like we have gotten a great massage, PLUS allows our mind to relax like we’ve had a great session of meditation. 

The Brain is the command center of the body, directing all of its functions including movement, thinking, breathing, heart rate and the senses. These actions are controlled by electrical impulses that travel throughout the brain, neurons and body. Our brains produce different types of electrical patterns known as brainwaves, which are measured in hertz (Hz), or cycles per second. Brainwave frequency determines what state we’re in, from deep sleep to vigorous activity. 

An electroencephalogram (EEG) measures brainwaves. When electrodes are placed on a person’s head, they can detect these electrical impulses and send them to an amplifier. The amplifier then sends them to a computer where they can be viewed as waveforms on a graph. Sound therapy or sound-based relaxation techniques are popular for helping people reduce stress, anxiety, and to fall asleep. Over time, these therapies can also help you change your brainwaves—the patterns of electrical activity. This is why sound therapy has been used for years to help people improve their mental health, overcome insomnia and generally improve their quality of life.


-Dr. Yolanda M. Carrillo, AP, DOM

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