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Facial Revitalization through

Revive & Revitalize Acu System

Herbal's, Massage & More!

Revive & Revitalize Acu System or also known as Cosmetic Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, it is considered a safe and effective alternative to more invasive procedures.

Are you finally tired of all the injections fillers, chemical additives, astronomically expensive face lifts, surgeries, Botox Injections, painful recovery and downtime, and the list goes on and on! Start Today with your individually tailored Revive & Revitalize Acu Consultation.

It is a powerful skin enhancing, gentle, resurfacing, NO Pain and NO down time system from the skin health doctor at A Healing Point Acupuncture Center. The holistic approach, diagnostic skills, all encompassing approach tailored to each individual can aid in reducing acne, pigmentation and signs of premature aging to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin.


A series of 12 or more sessions, approximately 2 hours each, performed 2-3 times per week is recommended for the greatest cosmetic benefit were fine sterile disposable needles are inserted into specific points on the face and body, enhancing the blood circulation, collagen production, and lymphatic system while balancing the body’s vital energy or “Qi” (pronounced “chi”).


This method is not a replacement of plastic surgery.  Revive & Revitalize Acupuncture System reduces fine lines and wrinkles, balances skin tone, and reduces inflammation to provide benefits associated with youthful skin…. And all sessions are holistic in nature, promoting internal and external health.


Noticeable results are typically seen within your first session but usually will be maintained by the 3rd to 6th session, and monthly or quarterly maintenance treatments are suggested to prolong the effect of the original series. Results vary depending on age, lifestyle, patient responsiveness and any underlying medical conditions.


Their are some contraindications please book your Revive & Revitalize Acu Consultation at

407-476-1818 to see if this system can work for you.

As the benefits of Revive & Revitalize Acu System (Cosmetic Acupuncture) in Florida are becoming increasingly well known, so too are people learning just how low-risk this system can be. When it comes to facial rejuvenation, most of us want great results- without great risks! 

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