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What is homeopathy &

how is it used?        


The Safer Alternative to Corticosteroids, via injection therapy, oral, topical, tablet, pill, and tincture forms.

Homeopathic remedies can be made from plant, animal or mineral substances. These substances, in homeopathic potency, each have unique mental, emotional and physical characteristics that have been identified by homeopathic practitioners over many years of trial and practice. Homeopathic remedies are available as either single remedies called simplexes (termed classical homeopathy) or as a combination of more than one ingredient, called complexes (clinical homeopathy) or as a liquid/tincture or injectable form administered only by a Licensed Health Practitioner. Treatment by a homeopathic doctor involves an in-depth, individual approach by a highly specialized professional. For the lay person, who wants to treat themselves naturally but who does not have the specialized knowledge, the combination remedies are more user-friendly.

Benefits of 

1. Broad application

Each remedy may be used for a number of different ailments

e.g. the sting 30C remedy, which can be used for any stinging

sensation from a bee, wasp or jelly fish sting to a hot water scald

and even severe sunburn. The anti-spasm 200C remedy can be

used for any muscle spasm from stomach cramps and colic in

babies to leg cramps and menstrual cramps.

2. Helps the body to heal itself and to stay in balance

Good health is all about balance. Illness may be seen as an imbalance

in a particular area of the body. Our bodies have an innate intelligence

that works continuously to restore us to health. Homeopathic remedies

simply provide the stimulus or a ‘message of healing’ to the body to rectify

the imbalance. Each dose of the remedy is a reminder to the body to

continue the healing process.


3. Treat symptoms and heals underlying cause

Homeopathy not only treats symptoms, but also works to shift

the underlying reason for the imbalance. This means that using

the remedies on a regular basis for a particular ailment e.g. hay f

ever or cystitis, will result in fewer episodes as the body is brought

closer to balance. The higher potencies remedies many times a

quicker response time. In most cases a response is felt after the

3rd dose. In acute conditions, the body uses up the remedies very

quickly, so the higher potencies are more effective and also allow

for healing of the underlying condition.


4. Safe for pregnancy and newborns

Homeopathy is absolutely safe for pregnant

and breastfeeding moms to use as well

as for new born infants.

5. Complementary to allopathic drugs

Homeopathy can be safely used in conjunction with conventional

medicine as it will not interfere with or hinder the effectiveness of

pharmaceutical drugs. Instead, the homeopathic remedy will go

to work, treating both the cause and the symptoms.

6. Effective for animals

Our pets can benefit from homeopathy as the remedies are extremely

effective for animals.

7. Remedies do not expire

Because homeopathic remedies never expire, they are very

cost-effective. Unlike conventional pharmaceutical drugs,

you will not have to throw them out if you don’t use them

within a specified time period.

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