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Migun therapy represents the future of medical care, where illnesses are treated with an innovative cutting-edge therapy that helps to stimulate the bodies own systems naturally.  Inspired by the combination of medical practices of acupressure, far infrared heat-therapy (moxibustion), chiropractic and massage,  Migun Therapy provides you with a healthy option for treating many types of conditions including many kinds of pain, high blood pressure, poor circulation and blood glucose levels for type II diabetes. 

How does it work?

According to Migun Inc., "Migun Therapy, combines deep far infrared heat, massage therapy and acupressure while gently flexing and stretching your spine and relaxing your muscles.


The patented jade massage heads are placed in a specific measurement to help stimulate better blood flow and nerve conduction along your spine which helps to stimulate your autonomic nervous system deep within your body. Your autonomic nervous system controls all the functions and things that happen in your body that you don't think about.


Things such as blood pressure, blood glucose regulation, digestion, bladder function, breathing and much more. Studies conducted at the University of California Irvine and reports from customers show improvement in chronic pain levels, lower blood pressure, and better regulation of blood glucose levels for type 2 diabetes, more energy, improved sleep and less digestive problems.... for almost 30+ years have consistently been recognized for being the best and highest quality treatment."

Clinical studies done at the University of California Irvine have documented numerous benefits and improvements that can be achieved by using Migun’s unique patented massage therapy table 4 times a week or more. Study results showed positive effects in the overall health of users, including improvement in pain levels, sleep, blood pressure, digestive disorders, improved spinal alignment, better circulation, improvements in the nervous system and better regulated blood glucose levels in subjects with type 2 diabetes.

Extended Treatment Area:  Performs far infra-red massage and acupressure from the tip of your head down to your tailbone and up and down both legs. Two sets of 5 jade massage heads work on your spine while an additional two sets of 5 jade massage heads bring pain relief, relaxation and better circulation to your legs and feet. All you have to do is lay down and relax!

External Hand Held: The manual hand-held experience with our 2 Jade and 15 Jade far infra-red projectors present unlimited possibilities to provided additional far infra-red treatment to other areas of the body at the same time you’re enjoying your Migun Treatment. The 15 light jade projector and 2 light jade projector can be directly applied to desired areas of the body or extremities allowing far infra-red treatment to multiple areas.


Call 407-476-1818 today to schedule your

Migun Consultation!

Speak Directly with Dr. Yolanda Carrillo, AP, DOM during your consultation 

to learn how Migun Therapy can aid you!

Worried if this can be affordable? Many insurance cover this therapy, make sure to send us your insurance information via our portal to verify your benefits prior to your appointment!

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