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Choose Your Membership Plan

  • Wellness Health Plan

    Every month
    Monthly Wellness Sessions
    • General Wellness Plan:
    • Three (3) Acupuncture Treatments a Month/once per week
    • One 30 minute Fire Cupping Session.
    • Add On: Three (3) Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture Treatment
    • Initial Office Consultations Included
    • (Unused treatments cannot be rolled over or gifted)
    • Prescription Herbals or Supplements sold separately
  • Gold Plan

    Every month
    Multiple Weekly Sessions & More!
    • Initial Visit
    • 8 Biweekly Acupuncture Sessions
    • Add On: 8 Biweekly Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture
    • Three (2): 30 minute Fire Cupping Sessions/booked seperately
    • Three (3): 30 minute Cold Laser Sessions
  • Student Plus Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for our overstressed & taxed working Students!
    • Initial Visit
    • Once (1) weekly Acupuncture Session
    • One (1) 30min Tui-Na & Fire Cupping Session
    • (Proof of School Enrollment Necessary)
  • Senior Wellness Plan

    Every month
    Senior Monthly Wellness Plans
    • Senior Wellness Monthly Plan:
    • Four (3) Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture sessions
    • One (3) Hour Full Body Acupuncture sessions
    • One (1) 30 minute Gentle Rebalancing Cupping Therapy Session
    • Or (1) B-12 Injection ( instead of Cupping Session).
    • Initial Office Consultation also included in this membership
  • TuiNa ChineseMassage

    Every month
    Three (3) 30min TuiNa Chinese Massage Session
    • Receive THREE (3) Tui-Na Massage 30min Sessions
    • Traditional Chinese Tui Na massage refers to the treatment
    • by means of pressing, stretching, kneading and rubbing the
    • muscles along the meridians and on acupoints. The benefits
    • include balancing energy (Qi), improving blood circulation
    • and immune system. Because the massage can dredge the
    • meridians, so the energy (Qi) and blood flow smoothly and
    • keep the Yin and Yang balanced. After a massage one feels
    • the muscles relaxed, the joints are flexible, the spirit is
    • refreshed, and the fatigue is eliminated. It plays an
    • an important role in good health. Tui Na aims to treat and
    • manage various pains and discomforts in the whole body.
    • Unused Sessions will not roll over or be gifted to another
    • Plan will renew montly until cancelled by you.
  • Platinum Plan

    Every month
    • Initial Visit
    • Nine (9) Acupuncture Sessions a Month (3 a week)
    • Unlimited Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture Sessions
    • Three (3) One Hour Fire Cupping Sessions/booked seperately.
    • Three (3) One Hour Cold Laser Sessions/ booked seperately.
  • Migun 6 Session

    Every month
    6 Session Package
    • 6 (30min) Visits
    • Far Infrared Treatment Within Migun Thermal Heat
    • Heated Jade Rollers Within Migun Thermal Bed
    • Acupressure By Migun Thermal Bed Area Specific Settings
  • MIGUN Session

    Every month
    Buy 2 (30min Sessions) Get 1 Free (30min) Session
    • Migun therapy is the use of medical instruments
    • that helps to stimulate the bodies own systems naturally.
    • Inspired by the combination of medical practices of
    • acupressure far infrared heat-therapy (moxibustion), chiro,
    • & massage. provides you with a healthy option for treating
    • many types of conditions including many kinds of pain,
    • High Blood Pressure, poor circulation, & blood glucose level
    • Get (2) once a week session and GET 1 Free
    • Unused session will not roll over! Cannot be gifted, or
    • combined with any other promotional discounts.
  • Sports Stamina Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for Boosting Oxygenation, Stamina, & Endurance.
    • Initial Visit & Acupuncture
    • Biweekly Acupuncture Stamina Boosting Sessions
    • Two (2) 30 Min Cold Laser Session
    • One (1) 30 Min Fire Cupping & Tui-Na Massage Session
  • Military/Vet Plan#1

    Every month
    Perfect for giving back to our Military/Veteran Members
    • Initial Consult
    • Three (3) Once a Week Acupuncture Session
    • One (1) (30min) Cupping & Tui-Na Massage Session
    • Add On if needed to Acu Treatment/ FREE EAR Seed Application
  • COLD Laser/AcuPlan#1

    Every month
    Beginners Cost Effective Monthly Plan for Cold Laser & ACU
    • Initial Office Visit & 1st Session
    • Four (4) 30 minute COLD Laser Pain Mngt Sessions
    • Two (2) 30min Acupuncture Sessions / Once per week
  • Military/Vet Plan#2

    Every month
    Get back to feeling you with the Treatment you Need!
    • Initial Visit & 1st Session
    • *Bring a spouse (3X) a month for 30min ACU Session
    • (4) 1 Hour Acupuncture Session
    • (4) Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture Session w/Body Acu Appt
    • One 30min Cupping & Tui-Na Massage Session Booked Separate.
    • Add-On if needed: Ear Seed Acupressure for continued care!
  • Pampered Skin Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for Bimonthly High End Facial Pampering
    • Initial Office Skin Anaylsis Consultation
    • Two (2) General Facials
    • Two (2) LED Light Therapy Session Add on session
    • One (1) Add on Service of Dermafile Diamond Exfolation
  • Customized Session 1

    Every month
    Tailored Concern Specific Session (1 Person)
    • This Membership is for long term care/treatments conditions!
    • I.E. Chronic Back, Neck, Sciatica, Joint, Muscle Pain!
    • (Natural Pain Management)
    • Customizable acu sessions targeting specific disbalances
    • Biweekly Acupuncture Sessions w/Auricular(ear) Needling
    • Ear Seed Application with any acupuncture session
    • Two 30min Migun Thermal Massage Sessions
    • One 30min Fire Cupping Session
    • One 15min Cold Laser Session for Pain Management
  • Couples Biweekly Mem

    Every month
    Monthly Membership will include: Couples biweekly Sessions
    • Biweekly Acupuncture Sessions w/Auricular Ear Acupuncture
    • (4) 30min Fire Cupping Sessions w/ any Acu Session
    • (Herbal Rx or Supplements sold separately)
    • (Unused Sessions will not roll over to next month)
    • (Membership cannot be gifted to another person)
    • Two 15-30min Cold Laser Pain/Anti-Inflam Session
  • Couples Weekly Memb

    Every month
    Monthly Membership will include: Couples weekly Treatments
    • 1 Acupuncture treatment per person w/ Auricular(ear)needling
    • (Total of 6 Acupuncture Treatments and 6 Auricular Needling)
    • 2: 30min Fire Cupping Treatments w/any Acu treatment
    • (Herbal Rx and Supplements are sold separately)
    • Membership cannot be rolled over or transferred
    • (Once a week acupuncture & Ear Acu treatments for both)
  • TuiNaMassagePlusPlan

    Every month
    Three 30min TuiNa Massage Sessions & 30min Fire Cupping
    • Receive three 30min TuiNa Massage Sessions Monthly &
    • 1 30min Fire Cupping Treatment added into 1 Tui-Na Massage

All Memberships have a 12 month term. Monthly membership options will renew until canceled by you. Payment Terms Your first monthly membership fee will be withdrawn the same day as membership activation and will automatically renew on a month to month basis until cancelled by you. Charges will be drawn on the same date each month. What if I Want to Cancel My Membership? No problem! We want to make this as easy for you as possible. If you need to cancel your membership, just get in touch with us and let us know. You must cancel in person. Please allow 10 days processing time for finalization of your contract. Early Termination During your 12 month term, you may cancel your membership at any time. All cancellation requests must be accompanied by written request of cancellation and will incur an additional $50 Cancellation/Termination of Annual Membership Fee if prior to annual date of renewal!

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